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This was a beautiful story. It drew me right in and I felt I was right there, picturing each scene. Wonderful details, and I loved the last two lines.

There were some grammatical errors and verb tense changes that were a little distracting.

A wonderful story with great detail.
This was an excellent story. I felt as if I were touring right beside her. The pace was leisurely, as it would be with a 78 year old! It was a great message as well! Thank you for writing it!
You did a wonderful job of describing the atmosphere in this claustrophic place, and of showing us her spiritual journey through these masterpieces. Just lovely.
Amazing description - I loved the woman's reactions to these ancient paintings. You put her, and me, right in the middle of them. Love the concluding prayer as well.
I could see the paintings clearly and hear the woman's thoughts as she viewed them. A lovely reminder in the end. Thanks for sharing it.
Very nice, Leigh! Great story well told. I love this line: "The sweet taste of warm grapes fill her mouth as the water turns to a glorious shade of amber." You took me there!
:) Cat
I like this! Very nice. My favorite part was the prayer at the end. Thanks so much for sharing this, the title fit just right.
You captured the emotion and imagery beautifully with this one. Some constructive c: In order to use a tense in a story, it has to remain the same throughout. You opened in past tense, and then switched halfway through. In this case, I think it would have worked better to stay in the past tense.
Again, great job!