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I love this! I suspected where you were going with the "reason" for college, but was still thrilled when it came. The writing is exceptional. Great work!
He does place us right where He wants us, doesn't He?
This was an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing.
Great story! Your title caught my attention, but your descriptions kept it. Diverting the ant, bending the clip, using it to clean her fingernails. The message, too, came through loud and clear. Good job!
Yeah, great story, with an excellent title that pulled my in and held me. TO my sceptical mind, the conversation in the cafeteria was a little too good to be true, but that's just me of little faith, I guess! Good work.
Good story, good read. Thanks for the reminder that He does place us in the right place at the right time.
Yep! The ingriguing Title didn't let me down - it enticed me in and kept me. Definitely a sign of a good writer! Believe me, my attention span is short...and I followed you all the way to the end. Nice Job!
Great job! In the beginning I could actually place myself in the character's place because of the description of feelings/thoughts---would have loved to have seen a bit more of that throughout. And though this is something particular to myself, I would love to have seen more description of the environment (maybe so it mirrored the inner feelings of the character) - a grey, hazy day with rain tinking off of the windows or something like that. Overall great work though. Keep it up.
You drew me in and kept me all the way through. I was eager to read how it would end and the ending put a big smile on my face. Well done.
Ah - lovely full circle. Nicely done!
What a treat! I really enjoyed every word. And wherever did you come up with the professor's name? ha

I could really relate to your main character and I love the way it turned out in the end. Great job! I hope this places.
P.S. Also, your title is perfect.
Very good story - an enjoyable read. I can realte to doodling, making paperclip scultpures and not wanting to go to class (or work sometimes )
Okay - you hooked me with the paper-clip creation. I LOVE doing the same thing! I didn't know anyone else even thought of it.

Engaging and flowing with great atmosphere, thought, dialogue and sooo believable. Really good work!
I thought the reason He had her in college was believable! I've questioned God that way in a lot of jobs He's placed me in and know of no other reason except witnessing to be the answer! Again, Joanne, an amzing job. Just wanted more!
Very well done! I loved the way you used such a seemingly small thing to tell your story and loved the ending, too.
Perfect title, and really fun story. I really like your sense of humor.
I had a few professors like Stormfeather, too. Where did you come up with such a clever name for him?

Interesting lead-in to a witnessing opportunity. I guess you never know who's watching, do you? Loved the last paragraph about 'the best gift.'
From beginning to end I loved it! You drew my attention and kept it and the ending was great! Wonderful!!
Fun title, and a lovely story.

As an educator, my hackles raised just slightly with the main character wondering what she was doing in college when she could be using her art. I was sad that she didn't realize that the opportunity to learn is an amazing gift in its own right, but I got over it ;-).

You pulled the whole piece together beautifully at the end.
I liked how this was going. I wish there was a little more and it hadn't ended right there. Using the paper clip was pretty neat, I liked the visual of playing with it and then turning it into something else. The character of Stacy was my favorite though, good job!
A real delight! What a wonderful way to remind us that God has His perfect answer for all of our WHY's!
Cute story. i was tryingto think of some advice to make thisbetter, and I think that you have a lot of sentences that begin with "she did this/that". Sometimes that gets to read more like a list of sorts, and by tweaking your sentences to make it come alive, you could have some sentences like this: The thin metal in her hands moved softly in response to the slight pushes of her fingers.
This is so easy to read---must come from the pen of a natural-born storyteller. Your title is inspired, too, as it really sums up the message.

Thank you for commenting on my writing, too. I appreciate you muchly!