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Your title definitely drew me here - and I ADORED what I found! I love that song - but must say I enjoyed your poem even more! I am sure you had a blast writing this. Thanks so much for sharing it!
I'm sure Chris Rice would enjoy this one too!
LOVED this! A very creative take on topic, hilarious to read-but the message was wonderfully delivered. I saw a few of my fav cartoons (Shaggy and scooby-doo) an excellent piece of writing-maybe try to submit it to a children's publication-or a sunday school paper/handout. Just a thought!
Oh this was fun! The message is wonderful, as well. Kudos.
LOVE IT!!!! It's always bothered me how easily they dismissed "And what about Bevis and that guy?
The ones that song rejected?
If all of the others preached to them
The result might be unexpected."

I LOVE they way this ended - because you do never know :)
A very unique way to write about art! It took a lot of work to make this come off "just right" with great ryhming and humor! Loved it!
Extremely clever--I enjoyed this immensely.
Bravo! Now that's the way it's done! God saves the worst of sinners. Why not the worst of cartoon characters!! Makes them new creatures: Believe-is and Biblehead - of course! I love that line!
What a clever take on the topic with a great message besides. :)