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Very interesting. I liked the way you played with the words and kept your rhyme and rhythm going. And I LOVED the last line.
Very clever, loved it.
A cute and clever poem with a great last line. I loved the title and I enjoyed the poem.
I think is fun, and I'm all for FUN! Unique
interpretation of the topic, too.
LOVED the last stanza. The first ones were certainly goofy and cute, but not as bad as you led me to believe in your hint. I did enjoy this.
This confirms again that we are kindred spirits, you and I--a love for fun word play, and an utter lack of artistic ability! Utterly charming!
Awww, that was a nice ending! Kind of sad, but cute, like the title. I liked this, it was fun to read and I enjoyed the play on topic :)
Speaking as a nerd, I enjoyed this very much :)
This is delightful, Marilyn! If only you kept going---I was disappointed how short it was. Since you, as I, seem to relish words, as if each one were a choice chocolate, I bet you could have a lot of fun continuing with more stanzas.

Regardless, you set us up well for your clincher of an ending. Nice job, Friend. Thank you, too, for commenting on my writing. I always appreciate what you tell me.
What is this? National Make Fun Of Nerds Month or something? **grin**. Your piece is delightful. I had no idea where you were going on this rabbit trail but I didn't even care. The run was fun. I have a penchant for reading words backward to see if they make sense. With your skill and mine, we could invent a whole new vocabulary! Thanks for the smiles.