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Nice story! Loved the way you used the Scripture verse and the word picture of you falling down and your friend helping you up! Great job!
The bible verse truly brings to light the importance of friendship and why God made it a commandment. Hopefully we won't forget the Khalids of the world, that also need a helping hand, but may 'appear' as if they never need it.
I would've liked something that tied the wonderful story of Khalid into the second example. Here we have nameless friends stepping in to help, and it would have been a nice opportunity to reflect how they reminded you of that day of skiing and your friend Khalid. It's a nice application and illustration.
"...Sometimes the fall knocks all the spiritual stuffing out of us..."

So true! And I loved the part about friends lifting each other up in prayer. Excellent points here! Quite a jewel of a read.
No Melanie, you are not alone. Did you ever go skiing again??