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Thanks for the testimony. It is encouraging to hear another writer's story and the path that God is leading them on. Keep it up!
You mentioned you learn from critiques; so I would suggest, instead of starting paragraph with so many I's...find another way to start them. The competition out there is fierce. Editors of top magazines get thousands of manuscripts a it's discouraging, but keep at it.
One of the benefits of writing as a homemaker, I find, is being able to "practice" while doing all those mindless household chores. By the time I get to the computer, sometimes I'm all ready for the final draft!

I think this is a very encouraging piece of writing. I hope you can market it where others will get to see it and, as you did, find that new chance to experience "what might have been," after all!
Like you, I put off writing for many years, but it is not too late to begin again. So keep writing, reading and learning about the craft and make up for the lost time. I’m sure you can do it too!