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Hmmm....I'm thinking that's where you find all of the best material LOL

Loved the Title! Wondered where it would lead...and found it quite humorous. Great job! You're a dead ringer for the late, great Humorist, author and syndicated columnist - Lewis Grizzard. My mentor and hero! Great humor and a fantastic read here... loved it! Kudos!
Delightful description and detail - you put me right in the middle of it! I definitely enjoyed this immensely!
This is so hilarious, I had to read it outloud to my husband. We grew up with all these small town characters that are too unique not to find their way into someone's storybook. I love them all. You did an excellent job developing this slate of characters, as well as portraying the difficulties a writer encounters with interruptions (in my case, my husband!). Into my "favorites" you go.
You painted an accurate picture of life in the midwest as well as the struggles associated with writing! I loved your little digressions, such as the tattered flag cap. Thanks for the laughs!
Hilarious and so, so entertaining!
Oh, this was a hoot! My favorite line: "It was harvest time: they’d come to suck out his brain." I like the reference to corn cob crunchers, too. Should I admit I grew up in rural Illinois, and can totally relate to this? Thanks for the laugh. Well done.
A super title and a very enjoyable read. I laughed out loud. Good job!
Not to detract, any, from those in the winner's circle, I thought this was such a perfect take on the topic that it would be judged among the "winners." It is still one of the "tops!" in my "favorites." You should get it published for all the world to enjoy. I love it.

P.S. Thank you, too, for your generous comments on my writing. I appreciate you, Friend!
I got turned onto your writing by Marilynn Schnepp. We have a mutual mentor in Lewis Grizzard.

I have to say that I have been where your protagonist is.

I, myself, spent a "year in Waynetown, Indiana" one day, and met many of the people you describe. I especially like the term "cretin" because I have a friend from Wales who uses it to describe people whom he feels are below contempt.

All that being said, I'm GLAD that Marilynn turned me onto you. You have a great gift and I hope that you continue to use it.

My friends call me Pauly.

I'd be honored if you would consider me your friend.
I think the locals won the battle of the minds here! I would have been cheering for them. I grew up in a small town like that and really enjoy visiting, so relaxing.
Love the flow and drew me right into the scene. Thanks.
God bless and keep writing.