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Believable characters though my materialistic American self wonders "why not go to Earth and give it a try?" Good for them.
I love it! I love the style, I love the story - I love it.
This is the best! The voice is perfect for the characters, and I love the outlandish setting! Definitely a talented author!
"He has shown me what the fragrance of the flowers look like, and I can see the sound of the wind in my hair!" In truth, is this not the sight we all desire? And in Him, it's ours.
Great job and I believe that I found Maxx :)
Very nice. Though we have little plot we still see growth in the older character looking through the "eyes" of his younger companion. Well crafted, well spun. I enjoyed this brief visit to your world.
Well done Maxx, a different kind of writing for you and as always, enjoyable.
You just have to leave your fans guessing, don't you! Wow, what twist. You captured what friendship truly should be. Someone willing to expose their frailites, their weaknesses and let the other strengthen them. Almost reminded me of when the Moses account of his allies holding his hands up. Quite a tale you shared. Perfect attack on the subject and despite a complete change of writing style, your fans are starting to recognize you. They recognize your quality which is uncomparable.