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I loved this story. Perhaps it takes another writer to understand what makes a writer tick. We certainly don't do it for the money, lol.
May I be bold enough to say what I believe? Any other place but in a Writer's Haven or Group of Writers...this might be looked upon as boring; but Here? With basically Writer's reading this? It's ANYTHING but's sensational, Understandable, and completely and entirely grasped with wide-eyed wonder and emotion! Hits the nail on the head! Thank you for saying it so clearly! Loved it! Great job! Tells it like it is! Something ONLY a writer could explain.
Cute. I liked this.
I relish reading what you write, Steve. The concept is so true and illustrated just delightfully in this story. We writers have to have our solitude, just to think straight, don't we! And, sometimes, our preoccupation becomes a cocoon, shutting us away from those who want our "undivided attention!"

Keep up the good work, Friend!