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Hee Hee Great story well told. We writers certainly dream big don't we?
I enjoyed reading this and could feel with the narrator's frustration. Beautifully vivid descriptions--my favorite line: "I shrank lower and lower in my seat until I melted into a pool of butter under the table." Could just feel myself doing that. Great job!
Ahhh ... if only we COULD actually GO THROUGH this experience! *sigh*

Thanks for the ride into reality. Excellent!
This is definitely an eye-opener for those of us who are writers. I keep wondering how a story like this would go over in a crowd of bankers, soccor players or just ordinary everyday people? Would it bore them? Would they feel empathy for the writer? Would it keep them on the edge of their seats waiting to read the next paragraph? But you have a good audience here, my fellow writer...we understood, we empathized and we learned. Thank you! A very enjoyable read...and entertaining to boot!
I was captivated from the beginning paragraph, and you held my attention throughout. I could feel both your frustration and your embarrassment. Your message is a good onedo what you love and love what you do. Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful self-deprecating humour. I loved the yelling like a circus barker and the slinking out of the shop vivid imagery. One negative comment and I guess this is very much a cultural one. But in the UK the word bonk can have a strong sexual connotation, as well as the meaning here of being hit over the head. Its difficult to write for a global audience, such as here at FaithWriters, without someone somewhere detecting a double entendre. Maybe this is more a topic for a forum discussion? But that aside, I enjoyed the story and sure hope it never happens to me!
I really enjoyed this look into the life of an author! Great read, and well deserving of your highly commended! Congrats!