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Great job! I love Biblical fiction. I like your guess as to what the words Jesus wrote were--that makes sense.
Just from the titles listed, I guessed that three of them (there may be more) were about the story of Jesus and the woman taken in adultry. What I find fascinating is that three writers, like three witnesses to a crime, bring different perspectives, equally compelling, to the story. I enjoyed reading your account.
As one of my favorite Bible stories, I was enraptured by "your" version of what Jesus wrote in the sand. I thought of God the Father writing the Ten Commandments in stone with His finger, (and also His hand appeared writing on the wall in Babylon) and then Jesus, the Son of God writing with His finger in the sand, and now you, my friend, have written of Him via the internet...for all the world to read. (if they desire) A moving story which I loved and was masterfully written. Kudos!
Unique take on this familiar story. I like what you envisioned Jesus writing in the sand. Well written, and well done.
Great detail - and I too love this bible story. I love your perspective - and your theory on what he wrote. Great stuff, friend!
Great POV, and although I've often read speculation on what might have been written in the dust, this is my favorite theory.

The only weak spot, I thought, was the 4th paragraph--just not as fresh and original as the rest of this remarkable story.

And I loved the ending--just the right note.
Written well and powerfully.
Moving, powerful, well writen and anointed. Great job. God bless.
I love the POV of this story. It often helps to try to look at familiar stories from the viewpoint of the minor characters. You did an excellent job bringing your character and the story to life. I like how he knew the woman enough to have insight into her side of the story.
This was great-held my attention all the way through, I liked seeing it from this POV, very interesting.
Surely this was written with insights from the heart - you've done a great job, holding to the theme and expressing it so well.
Just stopping by, again, to thank you for your comments on my writing, too. It is fun to find another nurse-writer, isn't it. [Have you been "introduced," yet, to Linda Germain? She's another nurse whose writing I love to read.] I appreciate you, Friend! I'll be looking for more of your writing, too.