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I enjoyed reading this story. Beautifully vivid descriptions and dialogue as well as an encouraging message. I could see, hear, and feel with both the little boy and his mother as though right there.

It would be good to stick to only one point of view--either the boy's or the mother's--throughout the narrative, or else break the story up into two sections to show both perspectives.

Was relieved to hear the mom finally reassure her son he was smart!
I, like Timmy, am confused. Is it an "S" (Es)he's trying to make or some "E's"? Secondly, if he's only 6 (first grader) the mother used much bigger words than one would expect...such as "imperfections", "balancing things" and "weaknesses" etc. which I found too adult for a 6 year old; perhaps I'm wrong...but that was my view of conversation; but otherwise it was a very sweet story...and nicely done.
This is a beautiful precious encouter of love, and the tender lessons we as parents struggle to teach.

Your entry flowed well with the converstaion between mother and son - you captured the sweetness of his struggle and age. Kudos all around on this writing!
This was a charming way to teach about how we are imperfect and need God. Without him, we will continue in imperfection, but, through the filter of Christ, God looks down at us and our E's are perfect! I liked the dialogue between the mother and her son. I've had much the same talk with my sons. There are always kids out there who want to suck the joy right out of others. I always wonder where they go, what happens to them, and if they ever become aware of how cruel they were (or perhaps still are!) Thanks for the memories!
I almost worte an entry like yours because I'm a teacher of children with learning disabilities and "writing" is a big thing with all of them. Whether it's reversed letters or just plain old motor skill deficiency,they all worry and struggle with writing. You wrote it very well and your message was clear and poignant. Thanks for bringing out this problem to others!
I love this little boy!! Such a tender and sweet heart, and so realistic! I enjoyed the dialogue and the wonderful, wonderful lesson (one I needed today!). A great read!