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I LOVED the ending! I don't like Sci-fi but this one is right up my alley. I loved the perspective and the dialogue - I loved the whole thing. Kudos for this story!
You had me laughing at the end. I loved the feel of this piece, a VERY creative take on topic, I enjoyed the dialouge between the too aliens concerning the human below. It was refreshing and lots of fun to see it from this perspective. It was especially funny to think how close to the truth the last part is with writing=enjoyment+frustration. Great job!
Ha! I laughed out loud at this, especially the part about exchanging it for currency. Love it.
unless, of course, he can exchange his writings for currency. Then it would make a little more sense.”

Okay now this line really gave me a chuckle! Currency? For writing? RFLOL Now isn't that a novel concept. This piece was alot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Oh, very cute! The ending really floored me--didn't see it coming at all.
Way Kool! You got me with the ending. Didn't see that coming. God bless.
Great creative piece, really loved it. Loved the ending too - very good!
This was completely a joy - lots of fun! I also ADORE the end! I truly enjoyed reading every word.
This was really good sci-fi. An interesting twist at the end. Enjoyed the references to our 'primitive' ways of doing things.

Your title fit this story very well.
I really enjoyed reading this one. It made me smile and I loved the unique names. Great ending, too!
Thanks for sharing it.
I'm with all the rest. It's a unique and creative piece on the topic and I bet it places!
Love it!!! I laughed out loud at the end.
Writers are a strange lot, aren't they!? A very fun read. Great work.
Ha! Loved it. This was a fun read.
Wonderful, clever piece, expertly penned.You possess a very honed craft.
Well done!