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It's a gift being able to read beyond the Word and see what the writer was going through as he prepared to write those famous recorded words. Thanks for sharing this.
This was an excellent piece of writing. It sure would brighten an Easter devotional! I found myself thinking that "writing" was not tied in well, but then, at the end, it flowed in so naturally.... This is very well written and thought provoking. When he again, picked up the pen and wrote those words it gave me chills, as if I were there when the familiar words were written.
Absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Peter's betrayal of the Lord and the Lord's incredible grace and forgiveness. Your take on it brought a tear to my eye.
Excellent concept. A creative perspective on the story and very moving.
I don't know what u could have done differently, but using "quill and parchment" in each of the first three sentences bothered me some. Maybe writng instruments once, tools of ministry..or something might have made the opening flow a lil better for me. But thats just offering some picky constructive critism from my perspective, whatever that is worth. But overall, a very effective piece that minsitered its pont well. Good work. God bless.
I loved this! You made the story come alive and it was very creative. Good writing!
This piece spoke volumes to me. Wonderful exposition and revelation around this story.
Kevin, this writing is inspired. My dittos to above commenters, who have already recognized what a jewel this is. I agree, this would have impact as a Good Friday meditation, or a Lenten reflection. It gives me chills just thinking of listening to you read it aloud. Keep up the good work, Friend!
Don't know how I missed this precious jewel the first time around. Utterly spellbinding, and touched the very depth of my soul. Great Masterpiece, Keven. Don't stay away so long! I see you've been absent a few Challenges...we need your input!