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That last line made me burst out laughing!

If it were up to me, I'd say eat it, but you're really in a quandary.

Funny, funny story.
What a neat idea, letting your readers select the ending! Since this gander is your husband's pet, I suppose he gets to decide (like, leaving him behind for the next owners rather than kill him?). Besides, goose-meat is so full of tallow-like fat, I have no appetite for it, myself.

You could look at it this way: this gander is as good as a watch dog, protecting his geese (and their eggs for your breakfast?) and chasing off any unwanted trespassers. The new owners could appreciate that :)
Hmmmm? I'm thinking. Don't know much about geese. Thought they had wings, but evidently this one does not fly - as you mention leaving the gate open. I think I'd leave the gate open every day until the inevitable a semi truck barreling down your road Nice job and interesting, plus enjoyable take on topic. Good Luck!!
I had fun reading this, and enjoyed your humor! The title and ending are superb!
Thanks for sharing your dilemna with us. A very enjoyable read. It is one of those reads that ends before you would like it to. I think the carelessly opened gate is the way to go. But the neighbours are probably scared too.