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Interesting, and I liked the other interpretation of cooking--cooking the books. Very original.

A note: the word "Bible" is always capitalized.

Great conclusion--you gave us just enough, but not too much.
Wow! I really, really enjoyed this entry! It had everything! Mystery, intrigue, hopelessness (and believable reasons why) - I could relate to her heart and desperation.

And Bibles in drawers DO happen!

This was a GREAT story!

PS. Creative take (and subtle humor) on the topic too.
I really liked your original take on the topic and you did it very well! I thought the character interesting and believable and insightful.
I liked your story!
This is a story that crosses all time lines. I could almost picture this back in the 20s or even the 40's. Just enough emotion and believable characters. This story is begging to be expanded. Great job!
Your ending was PERFECT - and I love your play on "cooking," and the subtle humor. Great stuff.
Well done, couple of spots that needed grammer fixes, but they really don't stand out. Great story.
You kept my attention throughout this piece. I could feel the despair, then the glimmer of hope at the end. Nicely done.
Interesting turn of the word prompt. Loved the ending, the beginning confused me a little, but I caught up.
A very creative approach to the topic: "Cookin' those books The story was very intriguing, holding my interest throughout. I enjoyed it very much. I loved her reaching out in prayer, finding the message on the card, and the scripture. Great job!
Wow! I liked the setting of this, spy-thriller sort of style, a really great suspense-filled story. The twist at the end was great, and I loved the MC, my only complaint was that 'Shade' didn't seem very 'sinister'. He came on as a pretty decent villain and then he was kind of toned down. Just my opinion though-I loved this piece, great job! :)
Great 'out-of-the-box' story. I would never have thought of 'cooking' the books.

Your character Shade was wonderfully slimy. Good suspense throughout. Could be expanded into something longer.

You ended this part of the story (more please?) at just the right place.
I like this. I like the setting, the feel of an era that can bridge to any person. Different take on 'cooking.' Keep up the good work
Great story with suspense, intrique, and real-life emotions from a woman feeling trapped. I enjoyed it! Good work.
excellent job! I want to read more.I wasn't ready for it to end. This would make a great book.
Great story, I loved it and wanted to keep reading more. Got a catch in my throat right at the end.
Interesting "take" on the topic. I enjoyed this story and the excellent ending. Thanks for sharing it!