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Wonderful! I love your one-sentence paragraphs describing the conversation.

I think the brackets in the title detract from its loveliness. This is a truly beautiful piece, and I really appreciated the author's note at the end. Very inspiring.
As Jan and Chrissy said
"lovely". It was also unique. I loved the peaceful tone and feeling of the quietness of a monk's life and his constancyof prayer at every moment of his day. This piece evoked so many feelings and images. Hurry on up and get to Master's level where you belong!
This feels like a prayer in its reverence and beauty. I love the repetition - very effective. Also appreciated the author's note!
A unique piece, a very peaceful flow. The brackets in the title are unnecessary and detract from this beautiful piece.
A wonderful entry. I enjoyed how you expanded with each of the conversation paragraphs and that they we set apart from the rest of the story. The scripture resonated beautifully throughout the piece. Very nicely done.
This is a plesure to read - every word - during this journey of life and uncessing prayer. This is so well written ... this is such good work.
Your writing style on this piece was so simple, yet spoke volumes. It's such a cool thing when the writing conveys the mood! It was a point well taken, as well. I could feel the joy he felt, but marvel at him being able not to speak it out. I would just bubble a pot of oatmeal on a too hot stove! It's a quiet, peaceful joy, though, something that, for me takes a little bit of imagining. However, since you put me right into the story, I could experience it for myself! Thanks for the uplifting story!
I am so glad that your beautiful piece did so well! I missed it until today, and it is so well-written and thought-provoking. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your win! This proves that sometimes the simplicity of God's love and quiet communion with Him speaks volumes.