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What a whimsical delight! So cute! Makes me want to spy on my cupboard Heehee! You've crafted this beautifully-rhyme and rhythm 'right on'. What a treat!
What fun!
I soooo enjoyed this! And I too, won't look at my utensils in quite the same way. I've always loved this perspective of 'home/play' things that come to life when we leave.

This was perfect! Yes - a treat.
I'm smiling. This was such a delightful read. I think it would make a great children's illustrated book. Definitely one of my favorites this week.
Cute. I bet you had fun writing this one. Good job.
I remember pretending the silverware were human and being so careful to put the knife family all in one slot, spoon family and so on. I didn't want them to miss any member of their family! Of course, I was a weird child.Anyhoo .. I could visualize the petty little quarrels among your characters very well. I love witty poems.
Laurie, this is so clever and absolutely delightful. I agree that this would make a wonderful illustrated children's book. It could even become a classic for generations. I am impressed.