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Extraordinary, neat, unique and very, very interesting entry. Never thought of all those cliche's we use every day...but liked the idea. Cooking wasn't exactly the main theme here, and I didn't exactly like the final outcome...but SO creative, I couldn't help but like it. Well written.
A clever and creative look at cliches...I enjoyed this.

There were a few instances of switching from past to present tense and back.

This is a unique entry!
A very creative, might I say tangential, look at the subject - at life generally, in fact. As usual!
I didn't find this as easy to get hold of as some of your writing, though - I found the setting a bit mystifying, and the tense switches were a bit distracting. But some very clever use of adages, and an enjoyable read.
Wonderfully creative! Loved the title and kind of 'twist' near the end. A little awkward it seemed between Charlie and the new apprentice during the opening dialouge, but otherwise, quite fun to read! Good job! :)
Creative and QUITE cute - I love your fun use of these little adages. I also notices the tense changes and a few grammar things, but this was lots of fun to read!
I liked the ending! I was happy for the little apprentence.