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Terrific start! So cool. I was impatient!...but then I got bogged down with the preaching. Sorry! The idea was, and is, super creative. But just too much of a good thing made me lose my appetite. Just wish it were shortened so that it could have held the interest you sparked in me from the get go. (my fault. short interest span)
Clever object lesson--this would be cute in one of those church cookbooks, as an introduction to the "Cookies" section.
This really is a cute story, and each section has a terrific point to it. Could be a little lighter, perhaps, but all in all very enjoyable!
Very unique. I, for one, like the little lessons sprinkled throughout. Nicely done.
I liked the little lessons also. I was thinking your main purpose was to give a lesson and how original it was for you to give it in the character of an ingrediant! A much more enjoyable and creative read then reading just the lesson! I congratulate you on a good teaching job!
I enjoyed the lesson AND the story - though I agree that I might have liked it a bit more if it were a little lighter. A very, very creative take!
Cute, clever and creative! Lots of great lines. Some of my favorites were: And yet so few of us would taste good on our own. Getting mixed together isnt always comfortable. I know that someone as dry as flour must cringe at the consistency of eggs. But were all necessary and each of us brings our own contribution... its time to be rolled into our shapes. Thats not so pleasant either. but the hardest of all is yet to come: the oven.

This story has a lot of potential, and I hope that you will take the suggestions posted above and then submit it somewhere.
ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS! I can't help the captials, this was a charming and hilarious story, with a message woven into it so neatly and wonderfully you understood everything without even trying! I love the title and the 'characters' of the ingredients. What a creative take on topic!
I must admit that I read this because I LOVE snickerdoodle cookies! What an innovative piece! I'll never look at those cookies the same again...unless I'm really hungry! I liked how they had to put up with all kinds of things to reach their end goal: to be eaten, and adored by consumers. Ours is to be fashioned into an image of Christ. Now, that requires heat! Thanks for letting us have a peek at your imagination. It was great!
You wrote this 8 years ago- Lucky me to find it. I love it. The message fits today's church needs perfectly.