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This is very cute! I really enjoyed the story and its charming tone. Good work.
Humorous and interesting read. Patsy reminds me of myself; if my husband hadn't owned his own restaurant, he'd have starved to death. Thanks for the chuckle - I got a kick out of it! Good job!
Charming, adorable--too many great zingers to list here. I loved it!
A charming story! Fictional, I presume? Anyway, he's a real prince!
This was cute. I liked your last line about tasting like chicken!
This is the very first time I felt moved to comment on anyone's writing. I enjoy reading the humorous and ludicrous, and this piece certainly meets that criteria! Thank you for sharing this great piece!
Oh, is this ever funny! I laughed out loud in just about every paragraph - and I'm forwarding this one on to my hubby! (This is the first piece I've ever done it for.)
A very creative take on the topic - and humorous to boot!

The humor, wit and writing all flow well for the reader - a really great job.

What a hoot! :)
I thought I was watching I Love Lucy, especially the cracked rib part! Very gifted writing and I wouldn't be surprised if this places. It should.
Rolling on the floor. Wonderful story, and very well written. Bravo.
I enjoyed the humor of this piece. There were so many cute touches throughout. Some of my favorites were Patsy discovering that cool whip was not the same as meringue, not knowing a noodle from a strudel, and the flesh wound. Very entertaining and strong on topic. Great job!
This was a fun read. Thanks for sharing.
Hilarious title and hilarious story! You had me laughing through the whole thing-humor is certainly your gift! I loved the character of the wife and the part with the hired 'cook'. Absolutely wonderful job with this!
You have a gift for lacing a story with humor so liberally that the reader doesn't realize until the end that they have laughed all the way through. (Until they feel their hurting sides!)

There were way too many funny lines for me to list a favorite. I loved the part about Cool Whip not being meringue. Your parting line was the crowning touch.

Thank you for making my day.
Bravo . . . Bravo . . . hilarious. A thoroughly delightful read.
What a laugh! A great read - your home life would be fun to watch on TV!
When did you meet my daughter and son-in-law??? I swear you wrote this story about them! LOL. Very funny, I really enjoyed it.
I loved this! It made me laugh and I could feel the love these two have for each other. Extremely well written; thanks for sharing this
I would like to add my bit to all of the other commenters.
You have a way with humor. Candid, believable, such an enjoyable read.
I look forward to reading more of your writing.