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Great story! I loved both the original title and the specific concept of children remembering their teacher for her shoe-tying lessons. It struck me as eerily coincidental that two separate former students would approach the narrator years later with the same specific memory of her teaching them to tie their shoes! Am curious as to whether this is recounting an actual incident.

Would like to see the shoe-tying motif somehow worked into the story's ending as well, as the image is specific and vivid.

Great message!
I really loved the first two vignettes, and the beginning of the third. The very end faltered a bit for me, but all in all I found this quite tender and sweet. You chose a unique approach to the topic, and I enjoyed it very much.
Great article - I like this description of "quality time": "
"This irreplaceable gift of oneself". Thanks for writing this.
Sometimes it is the small things in a childs mind that they remember most. Good job of pointing that out.

I remember my first grade teacher more that any, though she was only there for the one year and transferred to another state the next. I remember her most for story time. As most teachers would open a book and read, Miss Bell would make up stories with us kids as the characters. I guess you could say she was the reason I wanted to become a writer.

Thanks for the memory..
A nice story. Such a seemingly little thing... and I liked the way you showed how it made a difference in several kids' lives. Thanks for sharing this.
A very sweet and delightful story. Many truths written among and between the shoe tying episodes. Loved your Title...lured me in.