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Great poem. You've caught the spirit of our struggles and triumphs. Never thought about it but, yes, aren't most of us unsung heroes just longing for a crumb of appreciation to fall from the master's table. (no pun intended)God bless you and have a terrific Christmas!
Ooh I like this! Thank you! I like this line: "Sitting round all day in their comfy bedclothes." I thought it was just me. :) And this made me grin: "They sea all the typos, and loudly they grown." Great job!
I believe you pretty much pictured us all. I loved the stanza with the homonyms. Thanks for the laugh and the reminder of why we write.
In time, its all finished, and ready to share,
They give birth to a story, a life of its own.
No parent more proud, no sibling more loved.
They sea all the typos, and loudly they grown.

This just made me laugh sew much!

Really clever poem...I can't wait to find out who wrote it.
oh..How I liked this! Made me think of me and my poem struggling! I think I know who wrote this, when hints come out, I'll see if I'm right!
Was 'sea' done purposely to show the typo statement... :) A great poem showing the writers heart.. good job.
Cute poem, and thanks from one FaithWriter. Your rhythm was pretty true throughout and I liked the typos 'sea and 'grown' in the line about typos. Clever!
Very clever and enjoyable. I laughed at the way you so accurately picture so many of us. Thanks for sharing this
This is fun! It's also very true. I'm very happy to be counted among this group. :0) Well done.
Sew super creative! ;) Loved the sea part - how true, how true!

Great job Shari, Made me laugh and chuckle at how this hit home!
Yes, this is super creative, Shari! Great job on the poetry!
Thanks for making me smile. :)
Clever and well done! I loved it!
I enjoyed reading this Shari. This was before I was on the site. :) You have a fantastic sense of humor. :)