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I really liked this. You had me wondering until the end what kind of fruit we was producing. Great job!
I enjoyed this very much. Jorge seemed real, someone eager to be humble and offer all credit to the Lord, but still unable to hide his personal pride. I especially loved the line "No matter. I will give some to Maria. She is lovely, too." It made me laugh; Jorge seems to save his real passion for his farming. The ending was also well done.
Wow. That was good. I really enjoyed it. I thought it would be a coffee bean but hey! Chocolate works just as well.
What a wonderful voice Jorge has! This was a remarkable read.
Oh, I just loved this entry. Jorge was so believable and really his product is quite important to the world. I assure you. What would we do without farmers like George? Half-way though, I guessed where it was going, but I still loved it. Wonderful voice. Awesome job!
you had me guessing until the end, but your skill with storytelling kept me reading. I'm glad I did. A very enjoyable story. Thanks for sharing it.
So extremely creative - I love Jorge's voice, and the whole atmosphere of this wonderful piece. I didn't figure it out until the very end. I would LOVE to meet Jorge!
I kept telling myself NOT to peek ahead to see what kind of fruit it was. I too thought it might be coffee ... although the description didn't fit. Chocolate. LOL I liked hearing the story from his point of view. "She's lovely too." - made me laugh. I wonder if he ever gets to taste the finished product? Good story.
Ahhhh... the language of chocolate - don't we know ...! ;)

enjoyed the easy flow of Jorge's voice and his easy manner that came through. Good job!
Funny. I did not know where you were going with this story, but you held my attention throughout. The ending was really cute. An unsung hero indeed. In fact, I enjoyed some of such produce myself tonight in the form of Godiva.
A story with chocolate? What's not to love? :) I liked the way you wrote the story, the vivid descriptions, and the last two sentences, great job!
Thanks for commenting on "Mistaken War Hero"
Love it! Great job.
You know, the world is missing more stories about chocolate! Thanks for sharing...I loved it!
Clever! You had me wondering what Jorge was growing until the end. When I read it again, I saw the clues you left. Great job.
I LOVE Jorge! What a guy! And you brought him to life ... I want to meet him and try his produce. Bravo Betty on this one ... Bravo.
I love this story! I think I want to adopt Jorge, he's such a sweetheart. I hope he found the love of his life. Might there be a chapter 2- Love blooms at Gadiva? Well done!
Such strong, STRONG characterization, Betty. I was SO curious what this "produce" was - good job keeping me in the dark (LOL or milk, depending on your preference). This was wonderful.
Maybe I was reading this too deeply, but I saw a double entendre for the fruit Jorge produced, in that wherever the went, he seemed to bless people with his presence...a fruit of his spirit. Just my take on this delightful (insightful)tale.
I remember this one - there are some articles that have stuck with me and Jorge's is one of them. I kept thinking (again) that it was coffee. Great tale. :)
Betty, you had me wondering! At first I thought it was coffee, but chocolate is even better! May God bless all cocoa bean growers! LOL! And may He bless yo too for reminding us of where this luscious stuff comes from. Nice little mystery keeping us guessing.