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Just a delight to read! What a great gift she gave, and what an awesome poem. Very well written. Great job!
I enjoyed this poem very much. It has perfect rhyme, and near perfect rhythm. Very well done.
I'm a lover of poems, and I loved this one. Great flow, good read, nice job!
Awesome title, and a perfect poem. Thanks so much!
Charming and lovely - and I adore the title. This absolutely warmed my heart!
I loved the poem. I liked the persoanl touch of using specific names and requests.
It read very smoothly and the ryhming was great, as well as rhythm. A poem doesn't have to have perfect ryhme or rythmn to be well written. Slant end rhymes are even more interesting than perfect ryhming these days!
Though theyll never know of her efforts that night
Her prayers for their burdens would help make them light.

A real unsung hero. This was such a delightful poem. I also liked that you used individual names with each of their struggles. It made this piece more real. Well done!
Yeah, Donna ! Well deserved Ist Place! Great job!
Congrats on first place, this definitely deserves to be there! I loved the title of this, and the story. Very sweet and touching, great job!
Thanks for commenting on "Mistaken War Hero"
This was so awesomely awesome! And a delight to read. Now for the highest compliment . . . very Kenn-like!! Well done!
Donna! Congrats on the first place. This is splendid! I loved every stanza. I esp. enjoyed your title. You are a very gifted writer. Bless you for this unsung hero's prayer.
I could almost hear it said 'sing-song' just like the original poem. Such more depth of meaning though! ;) Good work.
Donna, excellent job. Well worth the acclaim you are receiving. The ultimate unsung hero that speaks to anyone. Beautiful, and well written. I generally am not a big fan of poetry, but this one worked well for me.
I was right there with you in that church, praying for each person. Congratulations!