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A beautiful story--wonderfully realistic dialogue and action and a great message! I loved how the old man who imagined his life wasted ended up getting to be a real hero!

I was also drawn in right away by the title--a personal name always grabs me, because it makes me curious about the name's owner.

Great job!
Very nice, really had my attention. Such a sad, but probably all too often true, ending.
Awwww, man...that's just not fair! Poor Benny! Well, his reward will come to him...

Great story-telling!
Nicely done! I loved the set up and the "don't see it coming" conclusion at the end! It was a great little story!!

I might suggest to run a grammar/spell check again...a couple of errors (nothing that took away from the story though!!)
Good job. I like your story.
Very vivid.
This was an excellent story; well told! I liked the layers. Good thing God really knows who the hero was/is. God bless.
Awww, makes me hurt for Benny. Well done at making it real and pulling us in.
Amazingly vivid telling, and absolutely compelling. Amazing writing!
A lovely and heartwarming story. This really touched my heart. Yay for Benny! Thanks for sharing this.
Yes, there are a few typos here and there but what a story! You kept me reading without scanning ahead as I usually do. I thought your ending was especially thought-provoking. Two local heroes, huh? I think I can guess who the second hero was.

Thanks for sharing this true rescue. Good job.
What a sad tale of how rare true bravery really is. God bless Benny.
Pup, this was so gripping and heartwrenching. The emotions you portray with your writing is surpurb. Never stop sharing your gift. Bless you!
You had me on the edge of my seat and holding my breath. This is powerful writing, Pup! That's a painful twist at the end, until we remember that man may miss the point, but our Lord sees it all. I'm sure the mother and baby will be forever grateful to the real unsung hero!