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As one who avoids pressure cookers like the black death, I was waiting with bated breath for this one to explode! Great story and a novel application. Good work!
I love how you built that suspense through the pressure cooker. I kept holding my breath throughout. Wonderful lesson at the end too, and such a delightful story!
Your title grabbed me first - then your delicious descriptions next! You made me hungry but I could almost smell all that cooking and baking! I liked the way too that you used the pressure cooking throughout. Very nicely done:)
Nice use of the pressure cooker, which is a good illustration of our lives - to be handled with prayer. I love the title. Good work!

I was also waiting for the pressure cooker to explode. That's a good lesson for faithful prayer; pray and trust, rather than pray and watch for the explosion! Blessings, Cheri
A very good comparison and a wonderful device to illustrate tension. Well done! Thanks for sharing this.
You hooked me right in with this. I was so nervous that pressure cooker was going to explode - happened to my grandma once. You effectively took the read to a great point/reminder at the end.