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Oh, wow...just wow. This is just so, so good. Your descriptions of your main character are so REAL, and the ending just blew me away. I could go on and on about this piece. My favorite, by far.
I love your comparisons between preacher, saint, and baby. It was all so vivid and such a unique perspective. Terrific piece!
This wonderful story is incredibly well written. I loved how you carried the theme of your metaphors throughout your story. This is truly master quality writing. Fantastic!
Either some cold Florida, 30 degree air, just blew past my desk, or this story gave me chill bumps it was so powerful. I think thats the first time I've used that word commenting. I just checked the window, its closed, and I reread this again with the same result. I'm beyond impressed. I fancy myself with being able to present a memorable character, but your pastor was standing right before me. Excellent job!!!! God bless.
Powerful description. Was this "like calling to like" and the baby won? Your preacher took his own advice and became as a little child. Good job.
Terrific opening! terrific descriptions! You did a masterful job of presenting your character! Good word choices and loved the ending. The title says it all:) Glad I stopped for a read!
I just came across this story and I'm glad I did. I can't believe you didn't place somewhere in the winnings. Did I miss something?? Your writing is powerful in its description... and like the others, the preacher hit my mind and stays there. You have an amazing gift at characterization, and writing in general. Keep going!!!!!
There's a wonderful balance of all the writer's tools at play here, of the gentle and the giant. Excellent work.