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Bravo ... and not just for the catchy title!! Wisdom from the Pastor, and an expertly woven together story from you ... Super!
Great! Light, humorous, but telling. Cleverly devised and skillfully executed. Bravo! One of my favourites of yours.
What a fun title, and the story lived up to it. So expertly was it written that I didn't see the judge's object lesson until the very moment when he did--I was too taken up with hoping the pastor got his chicken pot pie. Great craftsmanship!
Nice job! I could smell the buttered rolls. Loved the humor.
The title grabbed me but I wasn't disappointed.
Very good story and a very well delivered message. I enjoyed this very much.
Very good!!! You involved all of my senses and treated me to a great story with a super message. I know "Very Good" is written a lot in comments, but I write it here with a big smile on my face. Impressive job. God bless.
Title caught me, story kept me. Good job.
This is really good! I could almost smell the chicken pie and see the buttered rolls and hear the crash as the football sailed past and landed.

You had a few typos here and there that didn't detract in a major way. Your characters, the judge especially, were well-portrayed. The entire scenario was very good.

Your title fit very well. Thanks, Sue, for the lesson on forgiveness. Blessings.
I sympathized with the poor pastor longing for his pie! Poor guy! I stumbled over the "gravely" voice. I had to go check it out. "Gravely" means serious or stern (from 'grave') - an adverb. "Gravelly" means rough or coarse (from 'gravel') - an adjective. I know - too much information! ;) But I loved your story and the illustrated sermon. Great job!
LOVE the way you unassumingly wove the action around them with this discussion - dare I say masterful!? I could also taste the rolls. This was loads of fun to read too!
This was a fun read, and with a message, too. I am so glad the pastor got to finally eat the chicken pie. Well done.
Kudos to you Sue. I thoroughly enjoyed this brilliantly crafted story. It was a shear delight to read; so full of action and senses. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Awww! I loved the ending with this, so cute with the judge and Riley. A great story and very vivid characters, loved the pastor-glad he did get the potpie in the end! :)
This was such a good read! Thanks! And the point was made without a sermon. Wonderful. Blessings, Cheri
Loved it, loved it! The intriguing title roped me in and the great writing kept me reading. Great take on the topic and some things to which we can all relate--among other things--sin and chicken pie!