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For some reason I find myself commenting quite a bit on titles today--yours is perfect. Gripping and suspenseful story that leaves us hanging...but there's that title. Awesome.
they are true volunteers...even those that are paid! thanks for making us think of them, today.
What a story! The tale is left hangin with just a glimmer of hope. Great job.
This was so real, so vivid - as a former Californian, this brought back some memories I haven't thought about in a while. Excellent ending too - and so gripping through and through.
in a word... Masterful.
Oh, it's so like you to leave us dangling like that! As always, powerful story. Your images are superb.
Your title is perfect for this story. The reader wants to ask what happened? But that isn't the story. A very well crafted entry, as always, that hammers the messgae home about the motive of a true volunteer and what most of them, cut from this mold, represent. God bless.
Maxx, you sitting behind me doesn't help one bit - it never does! Can't you submit near the top sometimes? ;)

Yes it's gripping and I didn't get to breath at all - even at the end, so I about keeled over from lack of oxygen. A normal hazard of reading your work. ;)
I've been through hurricanes, but never an earthquake. After reading your entry, I think I prefer hurricanes! Incredible description. Wonderful way to write about this topic. Superb. Blessings, Cheri
Excellent use of the present tense!
Wow. You can really tell a story. Mesmerizing. An excellent read. Thanks for sharing it.
“You don’t have to. I volunteer.” That phrase sums everything
Yes, it is possible to write a significant, meaningful story in 450 words, when written by your hand. This is truly awesome.
Very powerful. Thank you for sharing in a way that only you can.
I'll add my name to the list of "well-dones". 450 words, when precisely chosen as you did, tell the story very concisely. By your description I truly hope I never experience an earthquake firsthand.
Blessings on your pen.
Congrats Maxx! This is terrific, as usual. A great read.
COngratulations on yet another win, Maxx. Amazing piece - totally gripping. And those descriptions! I've never lived through an earthquake but you've convinced me that you have.