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Love your title, love that teacher. Really good story.
I really love slice-of-life stories. This one is exceptional. It took me back to my school days. I could picture the lockers standing at attention. Great imagery! My favorite line: God have you ever been twelve years old? Priceless!
Great story! God has a way of getting us through tough things, doesn't He.
You did an astounding job of setting this, and developing your characters. This SO reminded me of being in sixth grade! What a wonderful teacher - and a wonderful story.
I love the incongruity of this tough teacher with a Mickey Mouse hat. I can easily understand how poor Valerie felt. A unique perspective on the topic. Thanks for sharing this
Unique take on the topic. Great imagery. Very nice all the way around.
I love this story - really put me there. Favorite line: "The blush of my face would soon match my hair color to perfection." And I could picture her rubbing that spot with her toe. Great job!!
My absolutely favorite paragraph (how do you manage to paint such visible characters in so few words!):
"My sixth grade teacher stood at the door with his muscular arms folded. A whistle hung from his neck. His chiseled jaw chomped gum while his sharp eyes sized up each kid that walked by. I tugged at my dress, smoothing the wrinkles. My appearance had changed over the summer. Mom said that Id blossomed whatever that meant. I wilted away from my teacher, smiling shyly. It was going to be a long year."

In fact, I liked this so much (it's a reader-grabber for sure)I would have started the story, here, even though I also liked the images in your first paragraph. Cute, funny, realistic, and just great storytelling. I want more. A "favorite" for sure.
This is such a sweet story that I think a lot of us can relate to. Thanks so much for sharing!