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Wow! This had everything! I loved it! It's perfect. I do have to say that 'Crouching into the stall ...' was my favorite line. ;)

I really hope this makes 'the top ten list.'
This illustrates again the truth that out of our weakness comes God's strength and blessing! Good job.
I'm with you on this. I admire people who can teach a class or speak before a crowd without getting the shakes. It's easier to remain behind the scenes. But God gave you this opportunity for a reason. As you teach and bless the lives of children, I'm sure you'll find that your'e the one who receives the greatest blessing of all.
I love how nicely this whole situation came together. You did a wonderful job of describing the range of emotions the main character went through.
This has happened to me so many times- I've lost count. I've felt just like this! The blessings we recieve from going outside our comfort zone -are without number. God is good! I loved the willingness to serve at the end. Great job!
I smiled through this whole story - especially at the end. What a nice way for your pastor to ask for help. Thanks for sharing this!
Very nice job. Smooth writing delivering the point in excellent style.
God bless.
What a wonderful story! Isn't it amazing how God gets us "out of the box" sometimes? Really great writing. I felt like I was experiencing the story. My favorite line: I think God skipped Monday and Tuesday that week and catapulted me right into Wednesday.
You've put into words what so many of us have felt. It's amazing what can happen, though, when we step out of our comfort zone and let Him work through us, isn't it? Great reminder to us all.