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Great description, especially in the opening, and dialogue throughout-- a beautifully vivid rendition of a familiar Bible story!
Very unusual subject, and powerfully written. Drew me in and made me feel I was standing there (ughh!) Great stuff, although I think a little weak on subject, which might cost ya! Hope not.
It is always a worthwhile use of our writing talents to use them to breath an air of freshness into familiar Bible stories. You have openned up this story, and provoked much thought.

I was interested to see you have the witch think she was faking the manifestation of Samuel ... I had never considered that reading of the Bible! Hmmmm ... yes,
definitely thought provoking!!

Great job!
OOoooo gripping. Though I knew it was Saul before you spoke his name it still kept me rivited. Very well done. You will be in master before much longer.. Which will leave me free to place again.. maybe. :)
Hmmm...I'd have to agree with Helen about being a little weak on topic, but I enjoyed reading this from the new perspective of the witch. You set the tone well and did a good job at letting your readers get inside her head. :)
Oh, Sue! This was awesome! What a unique perspective on this story. You certainly did it justice. Great description, especially in the beginning!
What I especially love about this entry is the writing style, the intentional clipping of certain words. It really worked to create atmosphere and personality. Very skillful.
Very interesting. I too never considered that the witch may have been pretending. Hmm. I noticed a couple of fragments. Also "most cleverest" should read "most clever". Creative approach!
Yay, I can finally comment on something. "He believed all that shed lied about and she couldnt have been prouder," was not meant to infer the which was faking. I believe she saw and reported exactly what Satan wanted her to see.

I wrote this in omnicient third person meaning I could interject narrator insight occasionally. Of course, that doesn't mean I did it well. LOL

This omnicient narrator is telling you that Saul believed all that the witch lied about because this omnicient narrator believes that God would not permit Samuel to be called up. God is the only one who can call anyone up in this manner. Therefore, whoever or whatever the witch called up was a not Samuel making the words she reported hearing . . . a LIE!

Gosh, I hope that clears things up!
this was very powerful and very well written. The tale kept me captive through its whole length. Thanks so much for sharing this
This was excellent! It makes me want to consider trying to write biblical fiction myself!
My Dearest Sue,
Beautiful, powerful, provoking, gripping. awesome, skillful, interesting and excellent. At least that's what everyone else felt about your story. And as much as I hate to admit it, only because I don't want to jinx you, I agree. Super Stuff Sue. God bless.
Oh, William, you are too sweet! I would have only felt jinxed if you HADN'T commented. And don't worry, I'm fairly certain I won't place but I don't care! I had a grand time writing this entry. And I mean that!!! Thanks to all who've commented here.
Whoa! This packed a punch! I didn't even see the end coming like that. Great job, this is certainly a new twist on this 'story'. LOVED it. :)
New twist leaving much food for thought! Wow! Loved it! Blessings, Cheri