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Dear Writer: You've done some soul-searching to the good, summoned up courage to write about the fault you perceived,and taken a very important step in spiritual growth. Now go forward with God's blessing and volunteer for something. It's not always easy but you'll feel great when it's done. God bless you.
I loved the conversational tone and the honesty of this piece. Good job!
Wow! I have never in my life thought that people existed who did not volunteer. This was an eye-opener to me. It also reminded me (in the last paragraph) that doing what God designed me to do is the most important thing. Talk about making me want to serve!
I know the story was writen in first person, but the "I" in this story represents a large segment of people who do not volunteer. I know this because I am in a position to frequently have to ask for volunteers. I just wish everyone who stuggles with this will come to the same conclusion. I just might post this article. Very brave writing here as well as experly done. Volunteering yourself to be the poster child for this hole in humanity. The non-volunteer volunteer. Nice job. God bless.
The tone and format of this piece were perfect for the message you were getting across, which I think everyone needs to hear. This was extremely compelling, and came to a perfect conclusion!
Wow--that last sentence really blew me away. Very powerful!
you said you are a Mother...I think of you as an incredible volunteer...from one who doesn't have children
This piece was marvelous in its journey through the thoughts of one who is truly seeking God's will. I loved how authentically you wrote and the imagery of the last sentence was simply beautiful. Well done!
I loved your honesty here and this is very well written. I also really loved the last line. Thanks for sharing it.
Dear Writer, if you are who I think you are, you did volunteer -- to serve your country. Perhaps your right hand isn't aware of what your left hand is doing. Or, in the words of Scripture: "Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed [thee]? or thirsty, and gave [thee] drink?..." It appears the righteous aren't even aware of their volunteering!
Well done. That's what I want to here from my Creator. Well done thou good and faithful servant. God gives us many golden opportunities to volunteer. Our eyes are closed to most of them. You've volunteered more than you know. Excellent work wordsmithing.
In your last sentence, are you sure Daisy volunteered? Methinks Daisy was placed in a position in which she (aren't flowers always referred to as female?) had no choice but to cast a protective shadow. And maybe many who appear to volunteer today just happen to be in the right place at the right time to give aid and comfort. I wonder if true volunteering means a deliberate choice to endure discomfort in order than another might be comfortable. And just maybe I have no idea on earth what I'm talking about. LOL But I loved the article!