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Oh, this is so good. I especially love the line "Brown eyes met gray." Keep up the good work!
I love stories like this that give realistic personalities to people that we feel like we've "known" all our lives.
I adore this!! I love how you gave these people such endearing personalities - this is definitely a keeper! Such wonderful storytelling and characterization.
I've never thought of Mary as being mischievous. I love the way you gave these well known characters a personality of their own. Fun.
Very nice job of illustrating what it might have been like for Joseph after Jesus was born. I like this unique perspective, and I like the truly human qualities you gave Mary. She is often glorified, and this shows a whole other side to her.
Pretty good. Loved the descriptive way you wrote this and the 'father-son' chat. Great job!
I really enjoyed this look into the first moments of Joseph's life with his new son. I think it's the first time I've really pictured his interactions with the Jesus as a baby. The personalities you gave them were perfect and loved the father son chat, especially baby Jesus sucking on Joseph's finger. Very precious image. :)
I also liked seeing a different side of Mary. A good illustration of a familiar story. I enjoyed reading this very much. Thanks for sharing this.