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I think every parent on the planet can relate to this entry! And the older our children get, the more we realize how little we know. Thanks for sharing!
After having had 5 of my own kids, I am very wary of those people who have none, but are founts of 'wisdom' when it comes to raising kids!

I think chicken pocks is actually spelt chicken pox.
From one Pez parent to another--here's to the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat! It often seems that as we raise our own young ones, we are the ones who do the most "growing up!" Blessings, Cheri
Very true & down-to-earth entry. Master quality!
I love the wry and witty voice you have! This is a top-notch nonfiction essay, so fun to read. Marvelous.
So true - and well-said! I think EVERY parent can relate to this (I hope so, anyway!). Great voice.
Totally awesome! Sounds like when I became a dad. Well written.
Oh yeah! Part of me wants to print this off for a few special people ... LOL
Pretty good, an interesting read. Loved the beginning when you listed the 'pros and cons' LOL! Good job!
Ha! Every word rang true here...good, solid writing - and entertaining too. Superb! :-)
Amusing but very true! I enjoyed reading this very much. Thanks for sharing this.
I can't really relate to this--mostly because I haven't been there yet. I thought it was fairly well written, though, I did see one problem--"chicken pocks" I always thought that it was 'chickenpox' but maybe that's just a spelling differences. I liked it over all though.
How true it is!!! Welcome to the club ;) This should be required reading for all those kids in those "life experience" classes in high school, insetad of carrying an egg around LOL
Fun! I think most of us go through this in one form or the other, but even so, somehow the kids survive...