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Nicely done - flows well, is easy to read, and has good, solid writing. Good story of true family love. Thanks.
I liked the characters - good boo hoo at the end. Good dialogue:) I wouldn't change a thing except there was one place when she was talking about Simon and it sounded like he was working...I may have read it wrong though. Good writing!
I have neices (on in-law side) in the same boat. Its a sad situation. You told the story very well. I was nodding my head in recognition the entire way. Nice take on the topic. Excellent job as always. God bless.
I love this, especially the way it ended. Very touching. Thanks for writing it!
Sounds like the sort of family that "Extreme Makeover" features. Even though Simon is not actually a character in the story, I feel as if I know him--serious little boy just "doing his job." What a sweetie!
Well, one doesn't have to be a parent to do what parents ought to do. This is a picture of true brotherhood. It reminds me of, "He ain't heavy, coz he's my brother". This was excellent show of responsibity for one another. Thanks for sharing it!
This is so compelling - and you have created some amazing charcters that I so want to know more about! Great writing.
Dub, I really enjoyed reading this story. I felt proud of little Simon and his family. Life's not easy for a lot of people, and you showed us a slice of that.
I like the twist on what makes a parent. You told your story well. Thumbs up.
I really enjoyed this story Dub. You made the sister/stand in mom very real and created a picture of their life well.

When I got to the end of this I said "amen!". You are right about her being a parent. I also wanted to know more about Simon and his amazing family. Well done! I enjoyed reading this very much. Thanks for sharing this.
Very nice, Dub. Thanks.

Unique take on parenting! Very creative, and sends a very encouraging message about what love can do in a family. Excellent. Blessings, Cheri
I loved the cohesiveness of the children all working together. It made me wonder though, how a woman who skipped out on her family managed to produce such responsible and level headed young people. Great story, very uplifting.