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Please post more of your poems at Poetry and Poets of God:
Such lyrical poetry. I enjoyed reading this. :^)
Oh, this is just exquisite poetry! The choice of words, the undulating rhythm, fits just perfectly with the message. Your reader can experience the lapping water, the rush of the wave, the exuberance of being carried away, the terror of the deep, the relief of the rescue. This is a winner in my book, and a keepsake to my favorites. [Thank you, too, for commenting on my lifeguard entry! I appreciate it.]
Wonderful images! I especially liked this:

"...blithely scooping up the sand, rearranging all the shells."

It instantly brought back memories of watching the waves along the shore.
Just beautiful - with a lesson. I love the imagery!
Wonderful account of the saving power of the Lord and the love he shows in keeping us within sight.
I love your excellent descriptions and your underlying message.
I love it!!! Such a great illustration of our tendency to wander where we shouldn;t go, and yet Father's loving care for us...
What a wonderful poem, filled with so many truths. You had me from the beginning with, "From the sea fate called to me,
harmless round my ankles danced" From that point on, I knew I was in for a great, insightful read. Thank-you for sharing this in a re-post!