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Well told. I love how you showed us her overcoming her fear and exhibiting strength under duress. Showing us how she prayed before she undertook the rescue was a wonderful portrait of someone putting into God's hands what she knew she could not do herself.
I absolutely loved this! It brought tears to my eyes with the joy of Adrienne's success. well done!
Well done. Very realistic. Thanks for sharing this.
Very in-the-moment gripping story. I'm glad the little lifeguard had the courage to tell her instructor she was "mad!" For sure!
Had me going--I was convinced Mrs. Showalter was really drowning. Glad you didn't take that route. Really compelling main character--great job!
This is so good. It's believeable and has a good message, too. Cute ending. :)
Most of us can probably relate to being picked on by a teacher/instructor. This story had great action and it held my attention. Well done.
This was great. I was also sure her instructor really was drowning, rather than just giving her a run for her money. Great job.
Excellent, Jan! Loved the dynamic between the two characters, as well as the vivid detail - and what a PERFECT ending. And you think you're not ready for masters...;)
In less than 750 words you managed to create two very strong characters, Mrs. Showalter and Adrienne. That in itself was excellent. You also wrapped it all together in a really neat story.

The only part I felt a twinge of disappointment in was Adrienne's reaction to the note. While I didn't expect her to take on the training to be an instructor, I was thinking she would want to treasure that note a little more because it came from an extremely tough teacher.

Anyway, my personal opinions aside, you did a wonderful job here.
I had a lifesaving class in grade school. We had a pool at the school, which is why I attended there. I'll never forget the short, stubby woman who taught us. She was the way you speak with me, but favored my short cousin. I was reliving it all with your story. I'm also glad that it ended realistically, like yours did. Too many would have gushed out a thanks and taken the "honor." This was more true to life! Great entry! Congratulations, Jan! Masters, here you come!
Congratulations! I think this student learned a lot through her lifesaving class.
Gripping story. Great characterisation. I also thought the instructor was really drowning! yeggy