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You asked for comments.. ok.. so I cried. A good showing of a trama for any mother, but for a doctor to work through it.. sad.

One booboo that jumped out was.. " I couldn’t tell him much, be he knew it was grim...." be should have been but..
Great plot!

I wonder if it would be more effective to do without the next-to-last segment (before the funeral), or just to have the doctor say "I want to talk to the other driver" so that the reader thinks the worst...then hit us with the funeral, maybe even have the driver sitting in the back and listening...

Just some thoughts--I really liked this story, and you did a great job of putting us in the doctor's soul.
I've told you this privately, but, I guess it never hurts to repeat oneself. I loved the story idea, it just seems a little choppy. There isn't a flow...for lack of a better term...that needs to be with the piece.

But, that's just my $.02.
Oh, this is sad. You made me cry. The ending feels just a bit tacked on, but I really did like this piece. Very nicely done.
I agree about the ending seeming tacked on - but I loved the rest of it! Very realistic and draining.
You wrong footed me here. Half way through I was sure it was going to have a happy ending, and I was about to dismiss it as being too twee. I was therefore pleased, surprised and saddened (!!!) at how the story turned out - definitely sobering. A good story, well told.
Unless things have changed...physicians are not allowed by law to operate on their own family. But it could have changed since my Dad was a doctor. Nice story. Thanks for sharing.