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Beautiful story--I loved the way the Bible characters come to life, as though they are people living today in our own culture. I felt as though I were right there!

My favorite scene was that of the small Jesus asking questions of Dr. Luke. I loved "Leopard See"--both as a title and as part of the dialog! I'm fascinated by the reality that God Himself was once here on His earth as a little boy who said cute things like other small children. That sends shivers of delight through me!
Amazing story! It was very real, as was Luke. Definately out of this week's "box."
A creative idea, and great way to add more humanity and personality to familiar characters. There are a few grammar issues, and some confusion in the first paragraph, but all told, it's a great story, and I'm relaly glad I read it.
I love Biblical fiction--great job! I felt this could have used more emotions of grief, but I loved seeing the glimpses of what Jesus might have been like as a child. Well done!
The title intrigued me. Strongly written article. The last paragraph about the twelve others that needed healing was really good.
Very nice, Ruth. You tell a good story. I enjoyed reading it. The title got my attention, and once I got into the story, I was with you till the end, which was very good. Keep up the good work. God bless.
Yes, what fun it's been to deal with Dr. Luke in our stories! I was ca[tivated by yours. I'm in awe of how you got so much story out of the word limit.
This was SO special - I love these kinds of bible stories! Great ending, and you kept my interest throughout (LOL though I must admit, when I saw "Master Luke" I thought Star Wars. Is that terrible??). I am also amazed at how much you covered in 750 words. Wonderful!
Great story, I love how you did the young Jesus. Well done.
Excellent story! Very well written. You brought Dr. Luke to life. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it.