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Great, original title--I had to see what Kentucky Fried Chicken had to do with doctors!

Good dialog and the discussion of fast food chicken--and diet in general as related to health and regrets--really brought the characters to life. Would like to see this story conclude with some reference to the fried chicken as well--perhaps in a slightly humorous way, in keeping with the deceased father's having a great sense of humor!
This almost felt like two different stories to me - the humorous one and the serious one. They were both very well written, but, in my opinion anyway, didn't really meld together very well. The title got my attention for sure - creative! Your last paragraph was simply gripping.
I love your dialogue and the way you bounce the story around a little. The strangest things pass through our minds when a loved one dies, as well as painful regrets. I found this real and poignant.
I knew it I knew it... a good one that she was trying to hold out on... Sue.. You are not nice... I loved it.. the end was great, as he named him his dad. Good story great dialog, can't see why you wouldnt want to let everyone know of this. Good job sis.
At six foot six, their dad was a giant to most. Owen was six three but quite a bit heavier. This realization hit him hard after his last comment.

Im going to stop eating at fast food restaurants. Im never going to eat at one again.

I loved this part - it sounds so like 'us.' (my family)

Humor is a big part of my family too - we can have a party anywhere we go!

Sue - I think you did a fabulous job on this. Maybe you are too close to the story to see it, but I loved the whole family thing about it.

Sue, I really liked this ... it rang very true. Tragedy is so close to comedy ... and hysteria! I fear it will probably be penalised for being too far from the doctor/nurse theme ... Although, I'm not sure stories CAN be too far from the themes this quarter!
You did an awesome job of balancing humor and tragedy here. There's a literary term for that, but I can't think of it for the life of me. In any case, this story is a prime example of it. Beautifully written.
Cute title! This was very interesting to read. I really enjoyed the dialouge between brother/Sister. The story was all-too familiar of the people I see on an everday basis. If only, huh. Good job though, loved it!
Excellent way of grabbing the emotions of anyone (such as myself) who's lost a dad...My dad loved his fried chiecken, too & also had a sense of humor. Thanks for reminding me what a great dad I had.