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This would be a nice illustrated children's book. I enjoyed it.
A fantastic journey into the life and minds of worker bees. Enjoyable!
I loved this article, it put a smile on my face from the very beginning. Very imaginative. I was right in the hive with them enjoying some of that honey!WOW
Very creative - I can tell you had a blast writing this! I enjoyed the banter very much - and with a message to boot! Great job.
A seedy looking drone flitted by the nursery and eyed the two hard-working nurses. “Hey babes, nice stingers.” *chuckle, chuckle* :)

What a creative perspective! I do believe I learned a few things. :) So painlessly too! ;)

You carried me right along - great job!
I thought this was really cute... Very creative spin on "nurse". Hope to see you do well this Thursday!!
Extremely creative and well-written.
Beautifully written, and VERY creative. Somebody wrote this that knows alot about bees. Six legs, drones, nurses, queens, cells, honey...and I thought it delightful and educational to boot. Kudos!
This is such a sweet (pardon the pun) entry. What a clever take on the topic! I can picture using this as an introduction for young homeschooled children to a unit on insects and then expanding it to a lesson on responsibilities in the home. Excellent dialogue. Great job!
This was very enchanting. A very creative and well-written story. Thanks so much for sharing this!
Nice angle! Well written too!
A DAVEY for you!