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I never thought about all of this before and I feel enlightened. The poetry format distracted me a bit though.
Enjoyed reading the poem. But one suggestion. Why not mention the Brazen serpent, a prefigure of the Lord Jesus Christ, a figure giving life and health to the plague-stricken Israelites?
Made me want to know more--I loved the repeated couplets, changed in the last stanza. Very effective.
Please post more of your poems at Poetry and Poets of God:
Definitely gave me much food for thought! I did NOT find the poetry aspect distracting - in fact, I think it helped me to follow. Excellent structure for this piece.
Great for mythologists, I would assume.
Very interesting and a well written poem. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing it.
Well written, very enjoyable poem. I liked the way you ended each stanza.
This really made me think. The rhyme is near perfect. Well done.
Quite simply: I bow to your knowledge. I took a course on Greek Mythology years ago and, in your poem, I'm lost without a road map! That having been said, the last two couplets of each stanza I CLEARLY GOT! This piece made me stretch a bit....which we all need from time to time. I LOVE the word caduceaus! When I find out what it means I'm gonna use it....somehow. In the second stanza, third line, did you mean "constellations" (excuse the spelling) or "consolations?" Good work raising the bar! Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts!
Indeed, who is like our God? (1Corinthians 8:5-6). Wonderfully done.
Verily, this doth raise the bar for other poets. Who else can "classically" meet your standard here? You get a serpent entwined DAVEY for this one.
Hi Dub! I judged this entry and wanted you to know it fascinated me. Awesome work. It placed high on my tally sheet. :-)