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I’m reminded of the apostle Paul (or was it Peter?) who used the unknown god as a jumping off point to preach the good news. Who’d of thought a Halloween lesson would prompt someone to buy and read a Bible? A story with a sting in the tail, but a sting that we all need to prompt us to action in going, praying and/or supporting people like the narrator of this story.
Hmmmm, I can see why I'm not called to primarily teach. This is big. These are big issues. This challenges my thinking, what I'm doing with my life, and who I'm sharing the Gospel with. Write well.
Oh wow! This one was definitely a learning experience for me. I do believe this piece will haunt me for days, if not months! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it.
I understand how my Lord felt when he addressed Judas, saying, “What you have to do, go and do quickly.”

Wow--powerful, powerful writing.
I feel you've only scratched the surface here, or maybe it's the curious acceptence of the student of any teaching that's disconcerting.

I'm probably not making myself very clear - but this is a well written, haunting piece.
WOW! This was deep, and it carried the message true. Amazing job,
The sentence with the snowflake+hell. That was a very vivid description, I don't think I've ever heard that one before. :)
What an intense, powerful, thought-provoking entry. You've written it well and added some very insightful thoughts. A little different than your norm - great job stretching a bit. Nicely done!
Yes, this Halloween piece haunts me as well. On one hand, it is deep with its fresh insights, yet disarming in its simple charm: girls with a limited knowledge of the English language. I felt the difficulty experienced in being one just trying to stem the tide. I, also, loved the Judas imagery. I have been in a spot like that before, one in which I had no power, and that is exactly how I thought, as well. This story drew me in, engaged me, taught me and broadened my horizons. It reminded me to get out of my Saints' Club and engage myself in the bigger world. I'd write more but I feel a compulsion to sign up for our Fellowship Friends program with the foreign college students in our area! Wonderful job!
Well done, this is one of your best I think! Very thought provoking, especially as I've been seriously considering TESOL teaching....
Intense. Very intense. There are layers here, suggesting the layers of human experience. Intense. (Did I say that already?!))

This was a great line: "The somber atmosphere dissipates like a snowflake in hell…"

You have a very serious commitment to share your work in the Lord. Your writing bears this out and I applaud your efforts. We who are unable to do what you have chosen and are called upon to do can only pray that God will continue to provide you with the strength and will to persevere in your spiritual pursuit. Thanks for sharing.
Pow! I can really connect to this...the language learning, the words and holidays carrying so much meaning to us, and yet lost to them. Just last week we discussed in class if there was a different sign for "fetus" than for "baby" since they carry such different political (life) connotations. Sometimes its hard for me to think that I'll just be passing on information without opportunity to add wisdom like you can at times, and yet I know God will indeed use me for things.