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I like how you tied your title in at the end. It's hard to make such a well known Bible story come alive. It'll be interesting the ask the Lord some day what exactly He did write in the dust.
Never tire of hearing bible stories; and this one was no exception. You made it come alive...and I loved the "dust in the wind" suggestion of what Jesus was writing. Very well done...kudos.
This is so beautifully written--I love the added details like the hefting of the rocks into the air--I wish you'd done more of that! It really made the story freshly meaningful. Love the last paragraph.
ALSO love the ending of this - great job retelling this so-well-known story with a freshness that makes it not so well-known!
A very nice fresh look at a familiar story. Great ending! Thanks so much for sharing this.
This was very inspiring, and a great job writing this. Loved the end best of all :)
I enjoyed reading this familiar story from this persepctive, especially in light of a heated debate regarding the passage that's going on in another of my forums. I agree with Jan, I'd like to see more added details, especially as the story came to a close. The ones "hefting the stones" added flesh. Also loved what Jesus was writing in the dust!
Ditto Catrina's comments and Jan's. You've packed a lot into this. An engaging read. Yeggy