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I like this. Thanks.
Now, excuse me while I tend to the white dust on the floor.
I like the frame formed by the title and your last line. Clever and creative.
This is delightful! I love how you framed it - and all the wonderful details. Fine job!
Oh yes - once a teacher always a teacher! And I'll bet she could see her sisters in her offspring sitting before her! Double whammy!

Good job and good work!
I loved this! You caught me off guard at every turn. I liked how you repeated your plea: "Come on. It'll be fun ... it's easy." This is really adorable and a wonderful keepsake for your own children. A+
This was cute, I thought the twins were really in a large school in the first paragraph, that was a great twist near the end.
Very cute. I like the way you wove the past into the present at the end. This was good!
Loved you story! I was reminded of how I used to make my own little sister sit and be my student while I "taught" her. Good job!
You made me smile with this one. Clever piece.
Loved the way you kept me guessing through most of this and then brought it full circle at the end. Well done. yeggy
This is so easy to read, so well put together! Your story certainly illustrates how God's plan for each life can manifest itself early on. Nothing here to critique, as it is absolutely perfect, from title to closing words. Thank you!

And, thank you for your most appropriate comment on my own "teacher" entry. You are right (I had too much material to cram into one story :)