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I am completely not competent to comment on the quality of any poetry - but I will say I found this fun and interesting. I found the parallels and contrasts fascinating. I particularly found the end unexpected, and hence thought provoking. A student first? Hmmm. Yes, Jesus was a student in all kinds of ways ... of the Scriptures ... of obedience, through suffering ... What an interesting point to place such great emphasis on! I want to ask a thousand questions about what you meant, what you had in mind, why the emphasis on this point ... etc. I'm not suggesting the poem should have answered them. It has certainly provoked thought, and I guess that is more than most of our entries can boast!! Well done.

God bless,
creative, with some very good thoughts throughout.
I'm with Stephen - I loved the last line of this and the thoughts that has stirred in me, and I'd have liked to see that thought developed more throughout. Several interesting thoughts in this poem.
I love this--the couplets contrasting Jesus and the other "teachers" were particularly thought-provoking and full of truth.
This has excellent meter and good rhyme. The last line, as others have pointed out, is indeed, intriguing.
Good work!
Definitely intriguing! I think I need to read it again - there seems to be so much to "study" here - and the last line is so VERY wise!!
Thanks for the inspiring poem. It was well worth the read!
Ohhh! This was wonderful! I toally LOVED this! The flow of the words, the way everything just came together, it brought your message across loud and clear. Excellent, excellent job! :)
Another case of goosebumps here - a sign to me that the Spirit is moving through your writing. Excellent.
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