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Wow. This is great. I could picture everything perfectly, and you did a great job with the dialogue. I believe you are missing a word in the 8th paragraph from the bottom. It should read "Son of God," I believe. Other than that very minor error, this story is perfect in every way. Keep up the good work.
A beautifully told story, and with the exception of a couple of missing words...I'd say a very well spun story, and written well. An enjoyable and endearing read.
Love the title--it perfectly fits with this charming rural story.
What a sweet story. Wonderful description, smooth dialogue and vivid imagery. Nicely done.
Just lovely! I love your description, especially in the first paragraph.
This is a very good, easy read. I love the "homey-ness" of it.
Your descriptions are wonderful. Nice job.
Very good dialouge, I like the 'accents' and Tibby sounds like a wonderful grandmother. Great job!
Sweet story, characters and the way the interacted, very believable and a good sense of place. yeggy
This was so cute. Loved your title. One little thing I noticed - when Tibby was telling the story, she picked up the needle to work again - when she finished the story the grandbaby crawled off her lap. ;) I liked how you showed what the children were doing before the story without actually saying it.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to go Ruth! 5th in Advanced and 9th in EC! Woohoo! Now, what did I tell you about the story you least expected to win being the one that everyone else likes? ;)
What a great teacher! Good way to use topic. Enjoyed the dialogue.