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"God created the world in six days. I got you in four. Not bad for your old Pop, huh? You had me after the first paragraph! Wonderfully written, right on topic. A delightful story that made me read until the very last word. Bravo!
A very good read, and very well told. I like the twist at the end.
Very creative story and definitely on the topic. Loved the double twist at the end. Fav image: looked like refuse. Characters are well drawn and believable. Strong depiction of place and good use of more than the one sense. Well done, yeggy.
You got me right from the begining. I thought I had figured out the twist but then you said she'd talked to her Dad only a short time ago and then 'twist' it was him! Way to keep readers, reading. Of all of your entries so far, I'd have to say this one is a favorite. Keep up writing for the glory of Him!
Ha! I love stories with a twist. This was another twisty one! ;) Good work!
Very cute, realistic characters, skillfully written--but I don't get why she didn't recognize her own father.

What I really loved was the dad's way of "getting" the daughter, and the good humor that typifies their relationship...and the "end after the end." Great touch.
Great twist on the story! Good job. I like it.
Very nice! It made me smile and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for sharing this.
Beautiful message with a perfect twist. I love the ending!
This is a priceless story! And I loved the twist at the end: No, I think Ill wait for her.

Excellent story! It was a bit far-fetched that she wouldn't recognize her Dad, but it really didn't detract from the story. I very much enjoyed it.
You really articulated so beautifully that approach-avoidance conflict (that I'm sure we all experience when we see those worse-for-wear vagabonds waiting on street corners). The weather reports going from bad to worse served well to heighten the tension. You are a great writer, and your words got their grip on me!